How to become an influencer?

Updated: May 29, 2020

I think each one of you out there would love to become famous one way or the other, because we all see those people living their best possible life out there and that’s why I am giving you a guide upon how to achieve what they have reached and how to have all of these brand deals, free holidays, etc.

How to start:

Sitting in peace getting creativity out
Be Creative

1. Well to begin your journey you must select your niche, some choose to model, others choose makeup and some choose both. Some people choose technology while others are terrific at food and these are some ideas about choosing your niche.

2. You must have optimized social media profiles on the popular social media platforms so if someone looks for you it would be easy for them to find and follow your profile.

3. When you have chosen your niche and already started your accounts you must begin to understand your audience and engage with them in order to recognize what type of content they are searching for so you can succeed by filling up their needs.

4. You must begin to post relevant content to the niche you have chosen to have good interaction with your followers.

5. You must be regular and consistent in your posting like make posting daily or 3 times per week and have a weekly posting schedule, this way your fans will be waiting on the selected days for your posts.

6. A reason for a lot of people’s success is to engage with your audience like having meetups, follow some of your fans back, etc.,

They would like you more and would lead to your success.

7. Let brands know you’re open to collaborations in order to get several brand deals in whatever your niche is travel, tech, or even makeup, in a short time you will have several sponsors and you will be on the road of being a famous influencer.

How to earn money as an influencer:

Let’s talk about how to make money as an influencer, I have also composed a list of different ways you will be able to earn money as an influencer.

Money in hand
Earn Money

1. The most famous way is e-products which are very easy to produce and is granted to make you money. Like a travel guide or a special recipe, you name it according to your niche. Another e-product way is to co-create with a brand that will also make good earnings.

2. You can start your own podcast that would make you able to distribute your content easier to increase your earnings, it won’t be an expensive way once you have got the right setup and then charge your audience a small fee to download and listen to your podcast. Many influencers jumped on that trend and they are benefiting from it.

3. Become a brand ambassador: this is a very effective way to make money as an influencer as these brands will have a long term contract with retainer paying bases while you have the responsibility of becoming a super expert in the brand and what they offer and always stay updated with what they have to say.

4. Have sponsored posts that are not long term but will be effective and is a good way of earning money on your social media platform.

5. Now let’s talk about physical products as a collection of a range of products like merchandise for example or any relevant physical product to your niche and post it on a website for good or build your own.

6. Hold events of different kinds you will either have sponsors or you will charge a fee for people to attend the event, brands can also join you on such a thing which will help increase your profit .

7. You can also start your own YouTube channel to share your content with everyone who follows you on social media and then you will get ads that are a great way of making earnings through your fame on social media.

The newest platform:


TikTok is a new platform where people share small videos mostly of dancing but there are other types of content like art and food. TikTok is a perfect platform to begin your journey as it’s algorithm is perfect and people will begin to watch and recognize you in no time moreover, brands would tend to place their products with you.

People begin to be famous on TikTok as fast as the first month so I think it’s a fabulous way to start your journey.

An average tiktoker with good engagement and nearly half a million followers can make an average of 450$ a month.

Perks of being an influencer:

The flexibility of being an influencer is what appeals most to people because you don’t have to work specific hours, you get a lot of free stuff, get to enjoy your work and build a community and connect with them.

Cons of being an influencer:

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a consistent amount of posts and have good integrity of what to post, people don’t consider you as a working person. Finally building a follower base is sometimes hard, stressful, and causes a huge headache to the influencer.

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