Affiliate marketing is an incredibly simple process by which you can earn money even while you sleep. There are many definitions that you can find online but the simple one to understand is that you can sell products or services that someone else is selling or providing and you get a commission accordingly. It's like being a door-to-door salesman except that you don't have to "bang" to knock on the door but you can reach the whole world from the comfort of your home or on the beach by the sea since you only need a PC and a good internet connection! If you are looking for how to make money from affiliate marketing, then this article is for you.

The other big point about earning money from affiliate marketing is that you usually have a chance to see the sales performance of the items before selecting them and start selling them yourself. This means that you have the opportunity to choose products with a good conversion rate so that with the right tools and knowledge you will surely make a decent profit.

Nowadays the companies that offer the possibility of collaborations and the opportunity to promote their products or services are truly numerous. Many times you can ask the company directly or use sites with a large amount of articles such as JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon Associates or Commission Junction. Each of these platforms, once you have registered, will provide you with your personal affiliate link, so that all the sales that refer to this link will be registered on your account and you will earn a predetermined percentage. It's that simple!

So, affiliate marketing is all about promoting things and you can promote anything like goods, services, etc. You don't have to deal with anyone or convince anyone to buy products or services, you just have to recommend a product or service to those hungry researchers out there who surf the web day and night. When a person buys a product from your link or referral, you get money and gobs of money. Keep reading this blog to become a Pro in Affiliate Marketing.

Starting From The Scratch

Now let's understand how to start from scratch. If you are wondering how it is really possible to make money with Affiliate Marketing, do not feel alone, I have asked myself many times in the past too. Today thousands of people are making a lot of money thanks to affiliate marketing and thousands are struggling to earn even a single penny. I wanted to write this blog about "How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing" just for those who want to start in this business even if they do not have skills in this regard.

Well, the first mistake you may have made or will make is to hurry up and sign up for all available affiliate marketing programs! Well, DON'T DO IT! This is the mistake that most people make. So, you should follow 6 golden steps to be successful and achieve what you need and what you need is money, a lot of money.

1. Choose your niche: Make sure you are passionate about the market niche you choose. Make sure that the niche you choose offers a wide range of products and services, otherwise your attempts to be successful may be sparse. To choose your reference niche answer these 2 questions: What is your passion? Do you have one or more skills you can show to other people?

2. Selection of the right platforms: As an affiliate, I want to recommend those that, in my opinion, are the best platforms on the global market today. This selection is due to various evaluation criteria such as ease of use, wide range of products, sales support, problem solving and security of commission payments. Following my advice will save you a lot of time, initially choose the one you are best with and focus only on that! I'm mentioning them now but don't rush to them, read the whole article first for 100% Guaranteed Success

Some of the best platforms are:

● Amazon Associates

● Share sale

● ClickBank

● CJ Affiliate

● Paydotcom

● Ebay Partners:

● Fiverr Affiliate Program:

● Clickfunnels:

● Aliexpress affiliate program:

● Shopify Affiliate Program

3. Choose the right products: Choose only those products you know or use yourself. You must have a thorough knowledge of the products you want to sell or that you want to select. The choice of products must be reasoned on the basis of your passions, your knowledge and your skills in a certain niche. Knowing exactly what you are trying to promote will allow you to be recognized as a point of reference, people will ask you for advice, they will trust you and what you will promote. This is a crucial step, if you didn't follow this then you can't make passive income from affiliate marketing.

4. Build your identity online: Building your own blog, a website, a Youtube channel, a well-kept Facebook or Instagram page is a must-do. To sell any type of product or service you must necessarily have a page where you can talk, write, show what you want to sell to your target audience.

5. Create quality content: You can get traffic to your website, social page or blog with paid methods, but initially you will end up spending more than what you will earn from the sale of products or services at least in the initial phase and without using the right tools and apply the right techniques. Free traffic is the best for those who start from scratch, but it requires the creation of quality content combined with a good search engine optimization so that you can classify your blog or website on the first page and be more visible.

6. Collect Email: Email marketing is one of the best ways to do marketing. Creating an email list can help you increase your sales, stay in touch with your customers and inform your audience about news, offers and new products. The use of direct response marketing, always if done in the correct way, can guarantee approximately 40% more turnover over time, in addition to this once you have built your email list you will have created your "organic" audience "To send your marketing campaigns without having to spend even a single buck.

Taking Right Steps & Its Execution Is Important

I think that to better understand how to take action in a practical way, the best way is certainly by giving a simple example. Let's assume that you are a photography enthusiast, you love taking photos of any kind and to treat this passion of yours you have purchased several cameras, lenses or various instruments over the years. Like most people who love photography you will also have developed photo editing skills knowing how to use programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom, perhaps you have not yet developed formidable but sufficient technical skills to be able to teach those who have less than you. At this point you will have understood that the niche to which you will turn will be that of photographers, content creators or aspiring ones.

Now what you need to do is build your online positioning or find a way to shout to the world what you do and why you do it. The best way is to create your own showcase of products or services that revolve around the world of photography. To do this you will need an Instagram profile where the visual content is definitely the protagonist and where you can show your best shots, the material you use and the techniques you know. In addition to this, a good advice is to create your facebook page where you can share photos, videos, opinions, create your community of fans and manage communication with your audience as well as set up your showcase to be able to sell products or services by connecting your website. The website will allow you to have a position in the search engines, will give you credibility and allow you to sell the affiliate products that you have selected and that you can insert as a link within your website.

A good advice is to open a Blog section where you can share quality content, you can describe the characteristics of a particular product, show results, make tests, compare with other similar products by inserting the various links that refer to the various articles. Today it is possible to create a site or a landing page in just a few minutes, there are several site builders with free versions such as wix, wordpress, weebly with which you can create a sufficiently performing site to start creating your online presence and start promoting products or services you have selected. Obviously we cannot explain everything in this book, also because there are hundreds of tutorials that can help you in setting up your site starting completely from scratch.

The next step is to sign up for one of the affiliate platforms that I recommended, to continue our example, let's examine the Amazon Associates platform whose registration is very simple, just visit Amazon Associates and do the registration process for the program. Here is the step by step guide for you to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

To earn money from Amazon Associates, first visit the Amazon Associates home page and click "Sign up for free now" You will be asked to log in to your existing Amazon account or create one. Then create your Amazon Associates profile. After logging in to your Amazon account, click on "New customer" and start creating your associated account. Now you just have to fill in by entering your personal data: name, address, telephone number etc.

At this point Amazon will ask you for the address of your website, your App or your YouTube channel, etc. As already mentioned, it is necessary that the site has content to appear active and authentic for both users and Amazon. Amazon's support will then carry out a check by checking that you have all the requirements to be able to insert the referral links within your site.

Amazon will ask you to explain how you will drive traffic, the visitors your site brings each month, how you build links, etc. Just fill in everything in a very simple way by selecting the various options proposed. You will also have to choose your preferred payment method to receive your commissions and finally after you have completed this last step you will be able to access your personal dashboard

Here you will find your control panel (performance, revenue overview, monthly summary and total clicks on your links)

As soon as you have completed all the steps, you just have to go and select the articles you want to promote within your site, your Youtube channel or your social pages. Amazon offers revenue opportunities also for influencers thanks to the specific influencer program, obviously some criteria must be respected that Amazon will evaluate and notify you within a week of the suitability of your request.

Referring to our example, the products you select will concern photography: cameras, lenses, underwater cameras, tripods, lights, photo sets, drones, photo boxes, printers, graphics, backpacks, bags and much more . All your content on the site, on social pages or on your Youtube channel will have to converge on the articles you want to sell, your referral links must be present in the text of your content and you will create a call to action so that your audience buys what you propose through your links.

In addition to this it is important that you try to establish contact with each person who will visit your profile, your page or your website in order to start a conversation or a good method is to integrate a contact form so that you can leave mail or phone numbers. The contacts you collect will represent your liquid gold, or people to whom to send your communications, your offers and your affiliate links on which they will click to buy and you will earn your commissions.

Final Words

Everything I wrote here must be a strategic starting point, a reflection, a starting point that you could follow to obtain excellent results and earn money through the Amazon Affiliate Program. The best advice is to try, start to understand how the world of affiliations works. Today it is possible for everyone to sell without owning products. Companies are constantly looking for affiliates to promote their products or services. I hope that's simple, easy and clear for you. This is a simple path that you should follow to get desired results and gobs of money. This was all from my side about earning money while sleeping and earning from affiliate marketing is one stop solution for this.