How to Kick Off Your Freelancing Business

Updated: May 29, 2020

I believe that every one of us has a talent that could be offered as a service which is done through freelancing, some of you struggling tech savvies out there who are searching for ways to make money well you can start by looking at your skills like building websites or beta testing this could open a door for you where customers will come to ask for your service to build them a website for example and if you are talented enough as well as skillful you will achieve a good freelancing business.

Well you might ask I am not a tech guy, well no problem you may be a good artist or graphic designer or whatever your skill is you are easily able to turn it into a freelancing business with something small as an online ad on various websites that will offer you easy access to promote your skills and get the order asked done while you are being comfortable at home as well as not only having local customers but from everywhere around the world will be able to get access to your services and benefit from your services. Thanks to the internet, there is nothing easier than getting a good freelancing job, and thankfully it will cost you a minimal amount of money and quiet probably no money at all.

Start your Freelancing business
Ready to Start?

To start your freelancing business I have composed several simple steps to get you started.

1. Find your skill or talent and compose a personal note with what you have to offer and do you have the ability to sell is as a service to customers around the world.

2. Make a profile for yourself on a site like craigslist, list on that profile all the services you can offer no matter what it is and how you are willing to deliver your service to customers around the world. Try to find a site that won’t charge you money to start promoting your service and put out your profile and portfolio for free to start taking orders.

3. This the part where you start to make money as you which the main reason you are here those websites has a ton of people looking for people to do services for them, the first order you see accept it and begin working on it as soon as possible try to make it as good as you can to come out perfect.

4. Make sure you have clear conditions with your employer, by which

I mean a clear deadline and a known price for the service you will

be providing and clear orders from your employer on the service asked for.

5. The rewarding part after all of this is getting paid by your preferred payment method like wire transfer or through a pay pal account, after getting the satisfaction of being paid to make sure that you get a good 5-star review and a good recommendation from your employer through a questionnaire that you deliver.

And that’s how you earn money from a talent or a skill you already have especially during those hard times where everyone is struggling at their houses, and it will give an opportunity for a good side income to help you within the current situation.

Work from home, cafe, any country , make money from home
Work anywhere

Now let’s talk about the benefits of being a freelancer and not being employed at a company.

To begin with, you have the complete freedom of choosing your clients and orders that suit you personally as you are your OWN boss, as well as having huge flexibility with the location you work from even from your own home and you will be able to have clients from places around the world. Working in a company you will have fixed earning that won’t increase your earnings at least not as much as you would expect, however as a freelancer you will be able to have increased earnings as soon as you have a good reputation people will be flocking to hire you to complete their needed tasks and just like that your earnings are going to increase. Being a freelancer is a good way to experiment your talents and see if you can earn off of them and if you, unfortunately, if you find it unprofitable then it’s easy to shut down as you used existing equipment and a website on the internet so it won’t have you lose anything. This will also help you learn lots of skills that are going to help you throughout your life even if you don’t continue as a freelancer, you may ask what will you learn, how to handle problems with your employer and how to handle any conflict, you will also develop very good persuasive and communication skills that are going to benefit you wherever your career might take you in the future. Working as a freelancer will help you cut gobs of money for example if you choose to work from the comfort of your house you will cut on the gas commute and other things that get spent on stuff when you work outside of your home. Let’s not forget about the most important thing about freelancing which is job security as there is no zero-hour contract and redundancies are more common this way.

Freelancing won’t be for everyone as there are people out there who want to be safe with a 9-5 job with a monthly salary, but if you seek financial independence and freedom freelancing Is one of your best options to achieve such target.