How to make money selling ebooks

How to make money selling ebooks

As you can see around the world majority of people from children, teenagers or adults go through the internet on daily basis, we tend to look at what’s easy for us to reach out.

Editors, writers, and printers, hiring people to distribute your book all over so many countries is just hard work and it could be done easier with an eBook and most people find self-publishing a better option. The book that you’ve spent so much money on might not even sell. Mostly when people want something they are always in a hurry of getting it. Well, you can solve this problem with just a click of a button and download an eBook that can be read on a website like Amazon, Kindle and etc. without you having to run to your car and drive to the closest book shop and waste your time. Another reason that catches people’s eyes is the cheap price.

People that are environmentally friendly wouldn’t like to know that up to 40 million trees are being cut down for us to print our words on a paper, so many people might be interested in eBook and purchase them.

What is E-book?

EBook is the short form of electronic book. It’s basically a book that is converted into a digital version for people to purchase and download on a digital device such as computers, phones as well as your iPads and tablets where they can read easily. You can write them yourself or hire someone to write you an eBook and almost about any subject can be covered depending on what topic you choose to write about.

How convenient would it be to just sit at home and work at your own pace but yet make money?

Well writing an EBook basically does achieve that, EBook is a marvelous easy way of making fortune while exerting minimal effort but does need creativity.

Step 1:Chose your content

Choose your content right to make money
How to choose your Content

Your content can be something you love or interested in and you want to share it to the world, or maybe a solution for a problem or your own cookbook no one is going to tell you what to write or what not to write you are free with what you want to share to the world it’s all in your hands.

Step 2: mapping

The mapping is an important action, keeps you aware of what you’re going to do in your EBook.

Look through the bestselling EBooks to be inspired on what’s right to do.


(It’s going to be easier for you to write your EBook if your mapping is more rigorous)

Step3: choose your title

Make sure your title is attractive and catchy enough for people to click on and is related to what you are talking about

For example: if your content is talking about ways to learn Spanish you can’t about how to speak any other language.

The game plan:

Looking at other EBooks with an average of 3 stars and over is a good strategy, look at what might be missing and recreate it because people would like to get more of what you present in your EBook and wish there was more of it, so you as a publisher take an advantage of what’s missing.

Step 4: cover design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t really true when you are publishing your E-book on kindle, amazon and etc. The cover really does matter in such cases as the more attractive the more purchases you get on your eBook.

Step 5: create your own timetable

Time table, as well as time management, is important

Setting yourself an amount of time that you’re going to work in or how many pages you’ll have to write in a day really does help to reach your target in a better and more organized way. Having a schedule for sure will help you complete your eBook on time.

Step 6: pricing

People choose to read eBooks rather than store-bought books because of how expensive store books can be

Physical books waste so much paper to be printed with our content on, where it can be pricy, but in eBooks, we don’t take these expenses into consideration therefore price would be lower.

The price of the eBook can be anything you might prefer!

eBooks are often sold to an average price from 0.99 $- 2.99$

It depends on the quality of the content or the appearance but we still don’t think twice about purchasing an eBook that costs 2.99$.

Make sure to spend your time on the description. It should be very eye-catching to the public eye and persuade readers to buy it.

Step 7: obtaining reviews

For people who usually purchase or sell on Amazon, they know how important reviews can be.

If you’re looking for an Ebook on “how to overcome depression”

You’ll find so many publishers but people would rather choose the eBook that has about 40 four-star reviews than the one that has 20 four-star reviews. The more good reviews more the people purchase your ebook

Better star reviews also mean that buyers are glad about what they purchased and found it useful which persuades future buyers to purchase your eBook.

Step 8: promoting your eBook

There are many ways you could promote your eBook

  • · Promote on Facebook ads (Facebook ads is a good place to promote to the exact audience you are targeting)

  • · Promote it on your website

  • · Outreaching people using an email campaign

  • · Click popups

  • · Social media

Step 9: conclusion

You’ve written your eBook, done proofreading, published your eBook.

If you think you’re done, think twice.

· You need to evaluate and see what could be done better.

· Take advantage of all strategies to make sure you get a good transformation on the effort you’ve done creating your eBook

· Understand who you target and who would rather purchase your content.